So recently I was rather inspired by this little lot - Social Media Surgery
The idea was to start social media surgeries up and down the UK using volunteer 'mentors/tutors'  to support their local community and voluntary organisations by sharing their expertise and knowledge. An idea so simple and beneficial to its recipients that it went on to receive the 'Big Society Award' 2012. Now I'm as skeptical as the next blogger about what the Big Society actually is, but this idea genuinely seems deserving of an award. Creating a network of people ('surgeons') freely exchanging their information specifically to help voluntary and charity organisations ('patients') reach a bigger audience and therefore have a greater impact on their local community..well it's just common sense! Many social enterprises, charities and voluntary organisations have benefitted from embracing social media and getting some help and advice from a 'surgeon' might be just what you need to make new progress. 

In the spirit of sharing information and knowledge, I have always had a soft spot for such innovative teaching ideas as:
Ted-Ed and the Khan Academy and Learning Space by the Open Uni.. I have to admire the potential and possibility that can come from unleashing this style of learning and letting it run loose. Maybe just spending some time accessing the wealth of free teaching material online will open a door your business hasn't explored yet. Here's another group freely sharing their web knowledge in an accessible way.. Jump Digital

Are you part of a voluntary organisation or charity that could do with some  hints and tips on using the internet and social media to spread your message? Or are you a 'fellow surgeon'? Get in touch!



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