Pleased to see another reader has enjoyed VAP latest publication 'Ronaldson's Directory of Faroese Football'. Soccerphile football blog reads...

When Alex Bellos kicked off his critically acclaimed history of Brazilian football "Futebol: The Brazilian Way Of Life" with a chapter on Faroese football, there were no doubt eyebrows raised at the bold choice of starting from one of football's most remote outposts.
Yet if Bellos introduced a host of readers to a league brimming with club-names seemingly borrowed from the dregs of an alphabet soup, "Ronaldson's Directory of Faroese Football" goes one step further.
Sub-titled "The Comprehensive guide to football in the Faroe Islands," - with no hint of irony given that it's almost certainly the only English-language guide to Faroese football - Ronaldson's guide is nevertheless a fantastic addition to the canon of football literature.
Beginning with the contact details of those in charge of administering Faroese football and indexing the island's two national stadia at Tórsvøllur and Svangaskarð, the guide then meanders through the various clubs that make up the Faroe Islands Premier League and First Division.
The layout is pleasing to the eye, with a clear fact box sitting atop a black-and-white photo of each club's ground, while notes on each team provide brief details of club history and team colours.
Concise directions ensure you'll never get lost on the way to the big Tórshavn derby - and all the clubs are here - from HB and B36 to KÍ Klaksvík and the league's most recent champions EB/Streymur, as well as the many minor clubs that also compete in this rugged North Atlantic island nation.
"The Rough Guide To European Football," it is not, but editor and publisher John Ronaldson deserves praise for his concise, yet unquestionably effective guide to Faroese football.
Whether a fan of Faroese football or a conneissuer looking to add another niche title to the collection, "Ronaldson's Directory of Faroese Football" is a worthy addition to any book shelf.
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