So every so often I find it useful to take on a writing challenge, to keep the creative flow on the move. This time I found a challenge from a digital company in Edinburgh called Shake. They threw down this little gauntlet ...

"Research and write 400 words on ladies fashion for the over 55’s. Think topical, think target audience and think engagement.

And here's me picking up that gauntlet and running with it..

Faux pas free fashion for the over 50s

Do you know your LBD from your VPL? Concerns about bingo wings and crows feet?
Never fear, daytime TV is rife with well meaning advice on what to wear and where to shop, who to look like and what not to ever ever do. If Gok Wan hasn’t already convinced you that 50 is the new 20 and all you need is some supportive undergarments with a double dose of confidence, then we are here to do just that. Confused? You will be!

Instead of being blindly led by the blind and continually fretting that your best dressed days are behind you, why not relax and take some time to really evaluate your wardrobe and how you feel about it? And while you’re at it take five minutes to yourself (when did you last do that) to think about your own body. And we don’t mean the bumps and sags and bits you would rather hide, we mean the curves, the maturity and the elegance that only you can carry off. Appreciating the kind of fabrics you have come to love over the years and the styles you can’t stand to see making a comeback is all part and parcel of dressing well as a woman over 50. It’s not all comfort and practicality - you know what you like and that’s essential to looking and feeling great.

Take some time to browse through our ShakeInteractive brochure and you’ll soon see style and desirable outfits designed precisely with you in mind. Complete the simple step-by-step guide to choosing shapes, colours and budget to suit you and then sit back, relax and let the virtual personal shopper assistant collect items for you to choose from. Before long your wardrobe will be personally thanking you for ditching the two piece cardis and the floral floor length floatys. 

So if you are tired of the teens getting all the fashion attention and feel it’s time to refresh your look then step this way and get ready to shop like you’ve never shopped before. Leave your petticoats by the patio and step into something altogether more 2010. 

Only you know you like we do.

Ok, so maybe you'll only appreciate this if you're a woman of a certain age, but I was mildly pleased with the copy and enjoyed getting some practice in.


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