In an effort to keep up with the fast paced world of digital marketing, I am expanding my services to include all things digital. Well, perhaps not ALL things just yet, but a few useful items to get started:

  • Google Adwords - get in touch if you are interested in creating a Google Adwords campaign 
  • A look into Search Engine Optimsation - let me look into ways of increasing visitors to your website.
  • Content creation - Whether its a need to drive sales and enquiries, or even just a need for a refreshing update of your site, I can rewrite, edit and wax lyrical about your business until we see results.
  • Social media - Need to build your fanbase? Want to reach more customers quickly and directly? Or just lonely and want some new friends? I'll help you set up and build up a social network to suit you, Facebook, Twitter and many more options to choose from.
  • Got more than 140 characters to say? I can work with you to get blogging and share your tales with an unsuspecting public.
  • Email marketing - With small investment you can save yourself the bother of designing, printing and distributing flyers to your customers and instead send them regular updates by email..perfect for letting everyone know about your 'Sale Now On'.
So that's a taste of what's available...see anything you like?..


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